I Have Two Reasons to Celebrate!

I wanted to share a special message with you on International No Diet Day.

And you’ll learn why I find this day extra special. 😉 I hope you’ll join me in celebrating!

Sneak Peek!

I wanted to share this other special information with you too!

The Gut Brain Connection: Cutting Edge Research & Future Directions for Eating Disorders Care” is a 90-minute online workshop I am hosting on May 25th at 1:00 pm Eastern time.

This lesson will also become part of the curriculum in my Digestive Disorders-Eating Disorders (DD-ED) Online training.

There are two ways you can access this workshop material:

  • Join me live for the Workshop with Open Q & A on May 25th for the workshop only – fee of $47. You can register here. (Note if you are a student and want to take part in the workshop, please email my assistant and she will get you the special student only access code for $25 (does not include the 2.0 CE credits).
  • Purchase the DD-ED training before May 31 for the current fee of $347 and you will receive the recording of this new lesson automatically, once it is added.

Celebrate today in your own way and all the hard work you do with clients every day too! You deserve it and are as worthy as anyone!

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