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What Makes You Incredibly Happy?

Today, March 20th, is International Day of Happiness!

It’s Marci! I’m kind of, sort of, back! As many of you know, I have been on maternity leave since October when my second son, Henri, was born.

The last several months have been a pretty unbelievable whirlwind of emotions and sleep deprivation. Writing this feels like some of my first wobbly steps as I remember how to walk in my professional shoes again. (Does that analogy even work? I don’t know but you get what I mean.)

what makes you happy

Me pictured at my home office, getting my feet wet since maternity leave!

I wanted to share with you 4 things that are making me incredibly happy.

  1. As a small business owner, there were some added challenges to going out on maternity leave. I relied on DOZENS of people to keep the wheels of Marci RD turning while I focused on my family. I want to extend a very big-hearted thank you to: Christine and Anita who you got to know even more during my absence, fellow clinicians who supported my clients and supervisees, expert clinicians who provided support in my private Facebook group for clinicians, my team at Pepper It Marketing who does so much more than marketing, and my 3 administrative support people. It truly takes a village and without each and every one of you, I wouldn’t have been able to take this much needed pause. Your commitment to your work and to me make me very grateful and very happy.
  2. I was able to contribute to some cool content just prior to my leave and wanted to share it with you! I hope that my words feel supportive to your recoveries and to your professional work. I love contributing to articles and podcasts that shine a light on eating disorders and feel grateful for platforms that want to elevate my message.
    4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Kid On A Diet  I contributed to this Insider article along with other beloved colleagues
    Is Your Disordered Eating Impacting Your Digestive Health?  I was a guest on The Food Therapy Podcast
    How Malnourishment Plays a Role in the Gut Brain Axis and Gut Microbiome  I was a guest on the Nourishing Women Podcast
  3. Christine  and  Anita  wrote some kickbutt newsletters during my absence. If you didn’t catch them, then you’ll want to head over to my blog. These pieces are timely and incredibly important, so keep their words in your back pocket. Also, Christine’s group, Food and Body Image in the Real World, will be starting again on April 18. You can learn more and register here.
    Self-Reflections and Lessons Learned from Life at College by Anita Dharwadkar
    Learn to Take Up Space for Yourself by Christine Laker
    These New AAP Guidelines Will Increase Eating Disorders in Children by Anita Dharwadkar
  4. And last but not least, a  BRAND NEW EATING DISORDERS CONFERENCE  is making me very, very happy. The FEDUP Collective is hosting the first “non-hierarchical, peer-led, discussion-driven eating disorder conference centering marginalized voices.” I know and you know that the eating disorders field needs to change and evolve. And I believe so strongly that it will only happen if folks like FEDUP are at the helm. I believe in their work so strongly that I am both sponsoring and attending the conference. I hope to see you there!

So, I want to know, what is making you happy? Let me know be sending me a message on Instagram.

Connecting to the Wisdom of your Body

So often, we live our lives in our minds, totally disconnected from our bodies. The wisdom and information that our bodies have to offer is totally subjugated to the judgments and ideas of our busy and often critical minds. This common pattern leads to choices that are disconnected from our inner compass and fuels the notion that we must rely on rules and even other people’s rules to live our lives!

Download this free meditation, it is an invitation to take time to practice (and it is a practice!) to listen in and respond to the information our body is sending us.