Holiday Weight Gain….

Are you sick of the articles and news reports talking about holiday weight gain?  I am.  But in my profession, it’s a conversation that I simply can’t avoid.  And to be realistic, most people are pretty stressed out about the amount of food-related celebrating this season brings.

If you are looking for simple tips and tricks to avoid holiday weight gain, google it.  There are a bizzilion blog posts and articles written on the topic.  But what I will try to offer you is a re-cap from the newsletter article I wrote and sent out a week or two ago.  In fact, I can sum it up in one word, perspective.

Thanksgiving is a single day.  And most of us will likely eat more than we normally do on that day and that’s ok.  I personally feel that that is part of “normal eating.”  The problem truly lies in the fact that holiday celebrating seem to span several days, weekends, and even weeks! 

So as the holidays approach, it may be helpful for you to remember that holiday celebrating should be enjoyed.  But seek to balance out those days of special foods rather than letting it bleed into every other day that follows….

Another thing to consider is that there are many other things than food to indulge in this season: counting your blessings, reconnecting with friends and neighbors, reaching out and giving to those around you. Do your best to take care of your body with lots of rest, plenty of movement, and days of balanced eating.