Guest Post: The Little Book of Confidence

Here is another fantastic post by Christina Ypsilantis, Simmons Dietetic Intern. 

Do you ever have times when you need a little boost to your day?  Sometimes a cup of coffee may help, some yoga, or even a brisk walk to clear your head.  While those can all be effective ways to get rid of the “life clutter”, I have found this fantastic little book (look at my picture…it really is little!!) that “offers practical advice and helpful tips on how to transform your fears into confidence, power…and love.” The title is, “The Little Book of Confidence” by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. This book is about the size of a post-it note and is only $5.95.  A tiny book of motivation that is super portable, along with an affordable price that is probably cheaper than some fancy coffees…literally awesome!

The introduction quote kind of says it all: “Confidence…where does it come from? It comes from the knowledge that within you lies an immense amount of power and love to create all that you will ever need in your life.” This little book provides reminders that you are in control of your life, and that confidence lies within you.  Sometimes you just need someone or something to remind you of that. 

The book is split up into a few sections.  You can seek out specific advice, or sometimes what I find fun is to close my eyes and randomly pick out a page.  There is only one piece of advice on each page, which is my favorite part.  There is not any other jargon on the page to distract you, just the message, plain and simple. 

Here are some of my favorite words of wisdom from this book to remind you of your inner confidence and that your love and power from within are your vehicles to the roadmap that is your life.

  • SEE THE GIFTS: Instead of seeing life’s obstacles as problems, see them as opportunities, opening the door to growth.  Each time you have the opportunity to stretch your capacity to handle the world around you, the more powerful and confident you will feel.”
  • SCULPT YOUR LIFE: Few sculpt their lives.  Most accept what comes their way and then gripe about it.  You have the power to create what you need.  Commitment, action and positive thoughts will take you a long way.”

Do you have any favorite quotes that inspire you? I’d love to hear them!