Today marks a tragic day in America’s history. However, 9/11 is also a day that causes me to think about gratitude. So I felt inspired to share a piece of gratitude from a client of mine. I’ll be honest, when I’m in a sad or downright rotten mood, making a list of things I’m grateful for isn’t my first go-to activity. So it may be handy to have gratitude lists around all the time. You never know when you may need them the most! Below is an example of a writing exercise that relates to body image, but you can of course use the idea in any way you choose.

I’m grateful for my hair which dries naturally curly and doesn’t require a blow dryer to get ready.

I’m grateful for my eye sight which allows me to explore the beauty of the world.

I’m grateful for my shoulders which carry my heavy backpack day in and day out.

I’m grateful for my heart which pumps sure and strong when I run to catch my bus or am practicing yoga.

I’m grateful for my arms which allow me to hold my niece and nephew.

I’m grateful for my hands which are my tools for all of my creative energy.

I’m grateful for toosh which is nice and padded and allows me to feel comfy even when sitting on the ground (plus it’s awfully pinchable!).

Do you have any body parts that you feel particular grateful for? Why?