I was recently handed a free sample of a new product called Fruit2day.  According to the sales rep, it’s 2 servings of fruit in a bottle for just 110 calories.  Here’s what I have to say about the benefits listed on their website:

1.) Easy, on the go way to drink your fruit.

Fruit, by nature is great for eating on the go.  Apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, nectarines, and pears are a few pieces of transportable fruit that come to mind.  This product has to be kept refrigerated which pretty much makes it less convenient and easy to consume…

2.) Reap the benefits of 2 servings of fruit in a drink.
Hardly.  Just check out the ingredient list.  There are small chunks of whole fruit which are added to an “all natural fruit puree.”  This is what I call glorified fruit juice which inherently lacks the benefits offered by whole fruit (i.e. the satiating and nutritional benefits of fiber, phytochemicals, and many antioxidants lost in processing). 

3.) Tastes delicious.
The flavor did taste good but the chunks made it totally awkward to drink.  If you don’t mind chunks of fruit fowing into your mouth while trying to swallow juice at the same time, you might like it.

4.) Endorsed by a Dietitian.
Well, many people endorse products for money…

One thing the company didn’t list was price.  I called a couple of grocery stores in the area that were listed on their website as carriers.  Unfortunately they didn’t have it in so I don’t know the cost.  But most grocery store fruit is less than 50 cents a serving.  I doubt a processed and packaged fruit drink can be that!

Don’t be fooled with fancy advertising.  Stick with real, whole, non-processed food as much as possible and you’ll be better off.