Friend Spotlight: Health & Self at the TOP of the List

So each month I try to highlight a client’s success whether big or small.  And this month I’d like to showcase my good friend Laci.  Over the past year she has fully committed herself to her health.  She, like many of you, was overworked and overcommitted with her job, volunteer work, and taking care of her family.  Good nutrition and exercise were at the bottom of the list (if even on the list at all!).  After delivering her first baby and months of over-indulgent eating and neglecting exercise, she decided to take charge of her health.

Now, she’s not a success story just because she lost weight (which she did- she’s holding a pair of pants she was wearing to work over a year ago).  She’s a success because she committed herself to re-prioritizing her needs and putting them at the top of her to do list!  After reading about Laci’s story, I wanted to highlight a couple of the key things Laci did to accomplish her goals.

1.) She was willing to take a hard look at her list of excuses and create solutions for them
2.) She was willing to sacrifice momentary pleasure (favorite TV show) for the satisfaction of accomplishing a long-term goal
3.) She created a support network with both friends and family
4.) She re-created her environment by filling her home with nourishing food options
5.) She established accountability around the food she ate
6.) She signed up for runs and races to keep herself motivated and consistent with exercise
7.) She found out what worked for her and what didn’t

Finding solutions to living a healthier life requires creativity and commitment.  What works for you, likely is not the same thing that works for your neighbor.  You are unique- with your own interests, family life situations, time constraints, and goals.  So follow Laci’s example- make a decision to live a healthier life and start making creative solutions to keep those goals on track!