Free Resources and Goodies for the Holiday Season

For many of us, the months between October and December are filled with a flurry of celebrations with the holiday season.

This can be a time filled with joy and excitement but also a tremendous amount of overwhelm and financial stress.

As this week marks the celebration of Thanksgiving here in the United States, I thought you all might be thankful (see what I did there?!) to be reminded of free resources that I have developed over the years and are available to each of you.

Every single thing that I create and put out into the world is with the intention of it being truly helpful to someone. This includes all of my newsletters, blogs as well as the resources named below. As someone who HATES superfluous emails and “in your face” sales pitches, I hope my intention comes through.

Freebies and Resources for Dietitians and Clinicians

All of the resources listed below can be found here.

  1. “But I Hate My Body: Cracking the Code on Body Acceptance”
    This 7 page e-book provides you with things to read, watch, and listen to as you embark on your journey of body image healing. I discuss the rationale for why I believe body acceptance is so important, normalize why it may feel impossible, and give you some tangible stepping-stones to calling a truce with your body image.
  2. Weight Stigma in Dietetics Practice
    This is a must read for all nutrition professionals, heck, all professionals. This document lays out the research for what weight stigma is, what it looks/sounds like, and specific changes you can make TODAY to provide non-stigmatizing care for your patients. If you ever wished you had a document to share with your administrator, boss, or colleague, this might be it!
  3. Connecting to the Wisdom of the Body Meditation
    This is my all time favorite meditation for body image work. While it may feel a little strange the first time you listen, this meditation is designed to help you to listen and learn from what your body has to say (as opposed to what your brain has to say!). Research shows that developing this skill helps our critical minds to quiet down. And as you likely know, working with our critical minds is key to healing negative body image.
  4. Mini-Me Meditation
    When it comes to helping my clients move away from the dieting mentality, this meditation has been one of my longest standing go-to resources. A key step in the process is learning how to decipher your hunger cues. So if you want to be clearer about your hunger cues and also feel less judgmental about them, give it a try.
  5. What Are You Hungry For? Meditation
    Did you know that unless you are regularly eating food that is truly satisfying to you, the odds of being food obsessed are quite high? And yet most people feel terrified of giving themselves permission to eat meals and snacks that they love. And so I designed this meditation to guide you through the practice of thoughtfully listening to and honoring your cravings and preferences.
  6. Is Eating Disorders Work a Fit For Me?
    If you or someone you know is considering work in the field of eating disorders, please take a look at this quiz! I developed a pretty exhaustive 4-part questionnaire that assesses your relationship to food, exercise, body image, and counseling. The quiz is accompanied by a scoring rubric along with recommendations based on your score.
  7. The Dietitians Guide on Where to Go for Eating Disorders Training
    I have attempted to compile the most comprehensive list of resources for eating disorders training for this 9 page e-book. Many of the resources are free or low cost and it serves as an excellent starting place for any practitioner who wants to deepen their knowledge and skillset in the eating disorders field.

I hope that something on this list of freebies piques your interest. And if not, you’ll have to let me know what you think is missing!

In closing, I want each of you to know how deeply grateful I am for the immense amount of privilege I enjoy in my professional life. While it takes a lot of hard work, I am humbled and thankful to pursue work that I find intellectually stimulating, soul expanding, and heart opening. And if you are receiving this newsletter, you have been a part of my experience in some way. So thank you!