Food For Thought: Omega-3s and Brain Health

I am fascinated by the connection between the fuel we put into our bodies and how it affects the way we think, feel, and act.  I am a believer that how we nourish ourselves plays a huge role in not only our physical health but also our mental health.  Yes, our diet has an impact on our mental and emotional well-being!

Because nearly all of the clients I work with struggle with an eating disorder (or some form of disordered eating) many of them are fearful of high fat foods.  Additionally, the majority of my clients (and let’s be honest, the majority of Americans!) struggle with depression and/or anxiety.  Turns out that a diet that is too low fat in fat can actually exacerbate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Interested in learning more about how healthy fats can improve your brain health?  Check out this fantastic interview: Food for Thought: Omega-3s and the Brain.  It is very cool stuff.