Fitness Fact: Good Computer Posture

Have you ever thought about the number of hours in a day you spend sitting in front of a computer?  Have you ever paid attention to how you are sitting in front of your computer?  The typical American is expected to live for 78 years.  Now imagine how you’ll be looking at 78 if you continue to sit hunched over at your computer every day.

This is a relatively helpful article on computer posture.  But here are a couple of points to consider:

  • Habit: How you sit is a habit and will likely take many reminders to change or correct it.  Consider setting a posture timer on your computer so you can check your self periodically.
  • Strength: Good posture requires strength in the core (both low back and abdominals).  The Mayo Clinic has a slide show of core strengthening exercises.
  • Stretching: Actively stretching and releasing tension is great way to correct posture.  I found this awesome YouTube video (below) which guides you through a series of relaxing desk stretches, along with some pretty great tunes to help you relax.

I hope you find these tips helpful!
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  1. Yes, it’s really important to have correct posture when sitting long hours, it must not be neglected and constantly check yourself or else it’s gonna be painful.

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