Fat Talk Free Week: Who’s With Me?


This week is Fat Talk Free Week. Yup, you’ve read that right folks. The one week out of the year that is dedicated to banning fat talk and body bashing. We women have come a long way over the past couple hundred years. But we are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to body image. My hope is that women everywhere will start to realize that they are worth far more than their physical appearance. You have more to offer the world than slim thighs, a flat tummy, and perfect breasts. You have creativity, passion, enthusiasm, compassion, and brains!

So why don’t you start this week by banning fat talk and encouraging your friends and family members to do the same?! This link may help you get started.

Here are some other self-esteem boosters you can try:

1. Develop a list of 3 things that you can talk to your girlfriends about that DON’T have to do with physical appearance.

2. Spend time reading positive body image blogs rather than stalking celebrities. This blog post should give you some good resources.

3. Buy “Beautiful You” one of my favorite positive body image books.

4. List 10 things you offer the world that have nothing to do with physical appearance.

One thing women struggle with is what to do/say if another women is engaging in “fat talk” around you. Here are a few suggestions. 

*Have you ever noticed how guys don’t sit around talking about how fat they are? Why do you think that is?

*Ya know, I read this super interesting article on (fill in the blank). What do you think about (fill in the blank)?

*Man, when I start criticizing my body I feel even worse about myself.

What suggestions do you have? How can we cure the “fat talk” epidemic? I’d like to end the culture of body bashing. Who’s with me?


  1. I’m with you, Marci! I think every week should be fat talk free, but this campaign is definitely a great start! My best friend is in Tri Delta and very involved in this campaign. Whenever I’m with people who start to fat talk (although luckily that’s extremely

    rare in my group of friends) I either change the subject or say that we must have something more interesting and fun to talk about than our physical “flaws” (which aren’t even really flaws, it’s our messed up society that tells us they are flaws). This week

    is Love Your Body Week at my college, so there is going to be a screening of “Killing Us Softly 4” and just a general anti-fat talk atmosphere. 🙂

  2. I’m definitely with you! I think I’ll start with my eight-year-old student who announced today that he is on a diet so he can “get a six-pack.” It’ll be Fat Talk Free Week in third grade!

  3. Thanks for sharing your blog Rachel! And 3rd grade teacher Rachel, I’m trying to pretend that 3rd graders don’t even think about fat talk. Yikes!!! They are lucky to have you as a role model.

  4. Hi Marci! Put a post up on Girl Eat tonight in celebration of Fat Talk Free Week! Hope you don’t mind. I am behind you 1000%. The message is important. Very, very important and it is time we celebrate what matters, our minds, our souls, our true beauty.

    Fat Talk Free Week is a chance to step back and realize the damage our words can do. Thank you for advertising this beautiful idea and sending such a strong, inspiring, and passionate message. -GirlEat

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