Fat Fashion: Part 2

Wowee- I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback about this fat fashion series. Thanks everyone! But most of all, big thank you to the wisdom of the women who shared their thoughts and experiences. So without further ado, here is more fashion advice for larger ladies. Enjoy! And if you missed the first post, be sure to check it out.

**I’m telling you- there are tips in here for women of all shapes and sizes.

One of the things I feel are the most lacking in fat fashion is the ability to go into a store and try things on. Women’s fat bodies come in SO many different shapes, that the idea that you can measure parts of your body and know what looks good on you is ludicrous. BUT unfortunately, all the best fashions are available online (in my opinion anyway). So I divided my faves into online shops, and places you go and try stuff on!


ASOS Curve – This is the most fashion forward plus size clothes I’ve ever seen. They have some weird, fun pieces. A lot of short skirts (which aren’t my favorite as I’m in my 30s) but short skirts are cured by good leggings in my opinion! 

EShakti – This is an India-based company that keeps getting better over the years. They sell mostly vintage styles for affordable prices in sizes 0-32. They best part is that for $8 extra you can have a garment made to your size specifications. You can also add sleeves or length (or get rid of sleeves or length) on many of their dresses. The dresses are affordable, but their return process costs money and time, so I don’t order from there very often. That being said, the dresses/skirts that I have that I’ve kept, I’ve LOVED.

SimplyBe – A British website with a HUGE variety of really fun styles. It’s like the anti-Roamans. Super fashion forward, and very few oversized drapey shirts.

City Chic – I’ve never bought anything from City Chic, but I LOVE looking at their website. Such cool, cute clothes. 

ModCloth – For a while their alleged plus size section was SO SAD, but it’s really improved! Make sure to read all the reviews/sizing descriptions as some of their clothes are oddly sized.

We Love Colors – For basic colored tights! They are stretchy, $15, and last forever. 

In store:

Dress Barn – The name is terrible, but their plus size section is AMAZING. I have never enjoyed shopping in a store as much I have in dress barn over the past few years. They have such a wide variety of dresses and skirts, and they have some crazy good sales. I’ve been underwhelmed with their Fall collection, but consistently LOVE their summer dresses! SO many bright colors, and varying shapes!

Macy’s – It’s a crap shoot at times, but I’ve gotten some great pieces from Macy’s sales rack. AND unlike many other stores they haven’t cut down on their plus size section. Also, I LOVE the American Rag brand as I love Hipster chic looks. 🙂

Lord and Taylor – It’s a step above Macy’s. Their dresses can be expensive if full price, but if you are willing to buy out of season, you can get some crazy good deals (particularly on holiday weekends). I and my friends have gotten so many amazing dresses there over the years.

Also, here’s my tips (which I learned from many a fat fashion blogger): 

  • Try everything on, even shapes or styles you might not normally try. My best friend is always getting me to try on things I would never picked out, and it’s led to a couple of really cool pieces. 
  • That being said, have wardrobe basics! As a almost primary skirt/dress wearer, a denim skirt (a pencil and a full skirt), black pants, basic cardigans in varying lengths (from cropped to long), and black/grey/navy tights are my most important pieces. If wearing tights leads to any chub rub (which I find happens if I’m doing too much walking in my tights) I pair them with the nylon shorties I wear under my dresses in the summer. Also, since they are high-waisted they keep my tummy warm in the winter too!! 🙂 
  • In that vein you can get GREAT wardrobe basics from the plus size staples (Lane Bryant, Torrid, Roaman’s, Jessica London etc.) I find those stores aren’t great for interesting pieces, but I just bought some jeans from LB which are SUPER comfy and cute, and I LOVE the comfort waistbands!!! 
  • Get a bra that fits. Most women are wearing a bra that is too big in the band and too small in the cup. Although I hate Nordstrom for their in-store clothes selection, get fitted for a bra there. Also, once you know your size, you can get bras from the onlines (herroom.com is my favorite big boobie website). I promise your clothes will all feel brand new! 
  • Wear things that aren’t “flattering” just because you like them. I don’t consider my wardrobe to be a political statement, but just by nature of my body, it is! This means horizontal stripes, leggings as pants, SKINNY PANTS, and crop tops. You can wear anything you want! F*ck Flattering!!
  • Subscribe to many a plus size fashion blog. Although my cheapness keeps me from fully imitating my favorite fashion blogger (Chastity Garner), seeing her wear different styles, seeing her look so sexy, or flirty or elegant, all while flaunting her big body–it makes me feel bolder about my own body, and gives me ideas about what I want to wear.