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FALL TRAINING SALE + New and Improved Body Image Training

Body Image Training 2.0 training program — SALE!

It is that time of year again where I like to be sure that everyone has the opportunity to receive more training and development and at a special sale price!  Plus, I have some important information about the Body Image Training 2.0 training program I offer and want to be sure you get all the details.


My passion is helping other clinicians develop and grow their skills when working with eating disorders and body image and to celebrate professional development for clinicians, the annual 20% off sale is happening on ALL training programs and Bundles of programs at the Food and Body Image Healers® Training Institute.

When you use the coupon code FALL22, you will save 20% off the regular fees of the training programs, workshops, and bundles offered.

Simply visit the Training Institute and use the coupon code: FALL22 at the checkout. What’s the catch you wonder? Simple… be sure to use your coupon code before it expires on Monday, October 31st at midnight.


This program has had a complete overhaul and upgrade by Fiona and I, and the original version is no longer available for sale. The 2.0 version is what we offer now, which includes updated versions of all the core information you had access to in the current version, plus so much more. When we started our update process, we didn’t intend to make so many changes! But we feel so strongly about offering exceptional content that will still feel relevant another 5 years from now.

The VIDEO below explains more of what you can expect in this new version of the program, or you can read the details below.

And YES, the Fall sale coupon code applies to this new 2.0 training as well!

We are both committed to ongoing growth, evolution, and continued learning, and have sought the consultation and feedback of many people with lived experience, which has shaped the multitude of changes we have made to the course.

This newest version of the course includes:

  • Integration of critical feedback & course reviews from folks with differing identities from myself (big shout out to the BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, fat, and disabled reviewers)
  • Increased accessibility with the addition of closed captioning and course transcripts
  • Integration of new and recently published research, with an emphasis on typically underrepresented identities
  • More client vignettes and sample dialogue to bring the work to life
  • Expanded and updated modules on developmental body image, clinical assessment, intersecting paradigms, and practical counseling tools you can take into practice immediately
  • Additional NEW modules on trauma-informed care, anti-oppressive and affirming care, common stuck points and caring for ourselves as we are doing this important work

The CPEUs/CPD hours will also increase because there is more material and content in this newest training.

Here is an outline of the key topics in the new 2.0 version:

  • Module 1: Setting a Strong Foundation: Understanding “the work,” scope of practice, building safety
  • Module 2: Research: Defining body image, how body image develops over time, positive body image research, body image and the brain, embodiment
  • Module 3: Clinical Assessment: Tools to get you started, deepening your learning
  • Module 4: Language
  • Module 5: Affirming and Trauma-informed Care
  • Module 6: Expanding your Toolkit: Stages of Change, Mindfulness, Self Compassion, Values, Somatics, Body Image in Eating Disorder recovery
  • Module 7: Counseling Skills and Self Care: Building a new relationship with your mind, Common Stuck points, Caring for ourselves
  • Module 8: Advocacy and Important conversations
  • Module 9: Clinical Cases

The new content will all be available on October 14th, 2022. (The same day the FALL sale begins, which is TODAY!)

If you want even more details on all of the programs, please head over to my training platform and remember to use your coupon code: FALL22 to save 20% of any program or bundle.

Join the Food and Body Image Healers® Community

All courses come with special access to the Food and Body Image Healers® Private Facebook Group, which offers you a way to continue your own development, whether by networking with peers, helping someone overcome an issue, getting support yourself from your peers, or by taking part in the weekly Facebook LIVE videos offered by me and special guests too.

This group is always so open to sharing and helping. I love watching how all this interaction helps clinicians continue to develop and grow so they can heal their clients and serve them the best way possible.

Equity Pricing Option available

In the spirit of reducing barriers for my BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, fat, disabled, and neurodivergent colleagues, please know you are welcome to email my assistant for equity-based pricing. Simply let my assistant know you are a member of an under-represented group and would like equity-based pricing. You will receive a coupon code, no questions asked.

Thank you again for being here, and know that, as I sit here on my maternity leave that started last week, I’m sending you all my best as you continue on your professional journey.

If you have any questions, please reach out to my team.