Exciting Changes at Marci RD Nutrition: A New Dietitian

It’s National Registered Dietitian Day and it’s the perfect opportunity to share some very exciting news about the dietitians in my practice!

Anita Dharwadkar, RDNFirst, I am thrilled to announce that Anita Dharwadkar has just joined the team full-time. Anita is passionate about working in the field of eating disorders, with particular interests in working with kids, adolescents, and families.

Additionally, she is extremely skilled in addressing digestive health concerns, both concurrent with an eating disorder or as a stand-alone challenge. Anita managed to secure one of the very few eating disorder specialized dietetic internships at The Emily Program and has spent the past year working at Walden Behavioral Care’s inpatient adolescent program.

I can say firsthand that Anita is one of the most deeply compassionate, kind-hearted, and dedicated clinicians I have ever met and feel so fortunate to have her on my team.

Anita is looking to fill her practice so if you or someone you know would like to meet with Anita, please reach out to our assistant Aubrey by contacting her here.

It seems nearly impossible, but June marks 3 years since Christine joined my practice!

Christine Laker MS, RDN, LDNIn addition to her clinical work outpatient as well as at Renfrew’s partial hospitalization program, Christine is doing more public speaking these days. Today she is speaking about working on body image at a higher level of care which is a topic near and dear to my heart and a conversation we need to be having in the field. And in May she’ll be speaking at my favorite annual eating disorders conference, MEDA. Her talk, “Meeting Rigidity with Flexibility in Nutrition Therapy for Eating Disorders” will bring some important perspectives to the struggles we face as nutrition counselors.

Christine’s outpatient practice is quite full but she has a particular passion for working with higher-weight individuals looking to move towards body acceptance. And she is developing a newfound love for working with ARFID and selective eating.

And that leaves me! Per usual, I’m juggling a number of professional balls in the air, doing my best to not let any drop. The truth is that I really love all of the things I get to do as a dietitian – working alongside my clients in their recovery, supervising and teaching clinicians and students, and developing content to inspire others to specialize in eating disorders work.

Thank you so much for being a part of my community. I am so glad you are here.

In case you missed my recent blog post, Urgent Action: Standard of Care in the Field of Nutrition and Dietetics, you can catch up on it here. I hope you’ll join me in expressing your own perspective to The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on their proposed harmful guidelines in the Evidence Analysis Library.