#ENDED with Nicole Ortiz

Thank you to all that joined us last night for our #ENDED Twitter Chat with Nicole Ortiz! We had a great time talking about body image, how stepping outside out comfort zone can help to build self-esteem and action steps for sharing a healthy lifestyle with others. 

Q1 Summer is a hard time for many women b/c it brings up body image struggle. What has helped your body image? 
@MaryHartleyRD This may sound light, but it’s really important to have your clothes tailored. Everyone feels better in clothes that fix well. 
@ICDietitian Also, focusing on health and not appearance. Doing outdoor activities, preparing healthy meals together with family. #endED 
@MarciRD @Etribole gives good advice: try clothes on with eyes closed. If it feels good, then check the mirror. #endED 
@MissDEIntl2012 I made a resolution 3 summers ago to take less photos how i looked in them and focused on enjoying my vacations and friends 
@ICDietitian Used to teach morbidly obese #weightmanagement patients – socialize with people not food
@MissDEIntl2012summers are slow at work so I make self care a priority, exercise and spa days! #endED 
@MaryHartleyRD For me, the older I got, the less I care about appearance. People are not their looks and looks can be deceiving. #endED 

Q2 What are non-traditional” paths to having a healthier relationship with our bodies/food? 
@jadorelissa A1 Participating in activities, despite not feeling perfect about your body. #endED” exactly. This has helped me so much. 

@ICDietitian Many times putting focus on others (volunteering, teaching, counseling) can dilute the self-scrutiny of ED 
 @MarciRD I love the theme- getting out of your comfort zone & embracing imperfection. If we wait to be perfect, life passes us by #endED
Q3 17 mag pledged to not alter images, how else can the media play a part in promoting a positive self image?#endED 
@morethancereal budding in here a bit, but food blogging. Hated food, now found love (and some popularity) turning hate into passion #endED 
@ICDietitian Deliberately refuse to engage in judging others (celebrity weight gain or loss) Put away the TMZ/People mag etc #endED 
MarciRD  I am super passionate about the pro-body image movement on twitter/blogs. Wrote about it here, w resources:bit.ly/NhOCwl #endED 
Q4 What would you like to see on campuses to support a healthy environment? 
 Campaigns like Fat-Talk Free week rock. Getting energy and support behind promoting these events would be awesome
@MissDEIntl2012A4 Along the same lines love the idea of peer education programs Peers are so influential and easier to approach then say an admin
@MarciRD: Things I would not like to see: weight being measured and put on report cards & elimination of PE #endED 

Follow Nicole on Twitter and be sure to join us for our next chat in September-details to come!