#endED Twitter Chat with Michelle May

If I said it once, I’ll say it again: I am STOKED about tomorrow night’s twitter chat. We have the pleasure of chatting with Michelle May, author of “Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat: Break the Eat, Repent, Repeat Cycle” and creator of “Amy I Hungry?”. Michelle is a motivational speaker and guru of mindful eating. So we’ll be discussing principles of mindful eating as well as how that relates to eating disorder recovery. HOWEVER, you don’t have to have an eating disorder to benefit from this fantastic chat.

If you’re new to Twitter, here’s a primer on how to participate. It’s simple, go to www.tweetchat.com and enter the keyword “endED” and it will appear as if you’re in a chat room. Watch the tweets stream live and join in on the conversation.

Here are the questions we’ll be chatting about tomorrow evening, 8:30 EST.

1a. How do you define mindful eating?
1b. Some people think that dieting is “mindful.” What do you think?
2a. People sometimes resist mindful eating; how do you introduce this concept?
2b. What is a simple way to help someone become more mindful about their eating?
3 How does mindful eating help with yoyo dieting and disordered eating?
4 Can mindful eating help when there are specific medical issues like diabetes?
5 How do you get people to buy into the concept of mindful eating?