#endED Twitter Chat with Evelyn Tribole

Our next #endED Twitter chat is Wed, March 23rd with Evelyn Tribole. We will be discussing intuitive eating and eating disorders. Check out the Facebook Event Page for more details, including how to participate in a twitter chat if you’ve never done so before.  Below are the questions Evelyn will be discussing. I hope you can make it!

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Q1.1 What are the principles of intuitive eating?
Q1.2 Which Intuitive Eating principle seems to be the most challenging for people?
Q2 What are the myths of intuitive eating?
Q3 What’s the difference between an “intuitive eater” and someone whose food choices are guided by their eating disorder?
Q4.1 What are the obstacles to Intuitive Eating?
Q4.2 Is it really possible to be an Intuitive Eater in today’s “toxic food environment”?
Q5 Do you think Intuitive Eating would help prevent eating disorders?
Q6 Can a person with an eating disorder recover by using “intuitive eating”?

About #endED
The goal of #endED is to bring anyone and everyone together who care about ending eating disorders. My hope is to end the silence and myths about eating disorders, create a place for honest and informed discussion, while offering hope and encouragement.