#ENDED Twitter Chat with Dr Deah Recap

Thank you to all the participants for our Twitter Chat last night! We helped to ring in a body positive summer by participating with Dr Deah-Expressive Arts Therapist and Health at Every Size Expert .

Missed the chat? We saved a recap here for you! 

Q1. What does the term expressive therapy mean? What are some examples?

@ It’s a form of treatment using a multi-modal approach to facilitate healing, insight, behavioral changes.
@  It’s using various approaches – especially creative ones – to achieve therapeutic goals in ways that talk sometimes can’t 
@ Modalities used include art, drama, music, movement, imagery, storytelling,writing. 
@ Is based on the assumption that people can heal through use of imagination and the various forms of creative expression. 

Q2.1 What are some of the benefits to incorporating expressive therapy into eating disorder treatment?

@ Client can express what they can’t put words to/are too ashamed to say, client can discover talents 

@ My clients are the most creative people I’ve ever met. ED stifles creativity, so important to bring that creative self out! 

: Many of our associations & patterns w/food & nurturing occur @ a preverbal level 

@We find that expressive therapy helps people access feelings they often can’t otherwise 

  • 2.2 Why are the Ex. Arts Therapies helpful for this population?

  Client can express what they cant put words to/are too ashamed to say, client can discover talents 

@ body image issues are visually stimulated because messages are delivered via the media. Using art, theater & dance we “fight fire w/ fire” by using the medium that delivers the message 
@  Creativity can be a means to externalize and separate from the eating disorder.  
@  I love that the creative arts allow for a partnership between body, mind, + soul, a partnership that may have been alienated w/ED – 
@ significant to use creative process & energy for positive reasons, motivation 

: one good belly laugh is as effective as 10 minutes of meditation (which is also good) may be better than meds

3. Often people feel vulnerable creating art, music, dance or other means of self-expression. What might help break through the intimidation?

@ It’s about material generated not how it looks, which of course is the point of body image therapy in the first place 

@ empower them to realize that they are doing it for themselves, not to worry about perfect but process and revelation 

: A competent E.A. Therapist sets up sessions w/the premise that there’s no right or wrong in how one expresses 

@ Improv activities are spontaneous not enough time to get self conscious 

  • 4. In what ways can a RD use Ex. Arts Therapy Activities to achieve their treatment goals?

@  I like them to draw out what hunger/fullness means to them. 
: I have done vision boards in session. We cut out words from magazines – put together a me board 
@ I encourage my clients to use color and pictures for expressing emotions for before, during, after a meal
@ Fill basket w/random things (rock, rubber duck, etc) +have client pick something out of basket + tell story w/ relevant connection 
@  I think I would have LOVED to do an art “food journal” regarding feelings after eating etc, visualize
@ I have also worked with clients to identify what the real “monster is” in their lives that they are attributing to the food   
@ A4 I have a client who recently asked me to record a mindful meditation track on her phone to listen to while I’m away.  
 I use mountain image, help them to identify the “peak” of having a positive eating experience, what that means for them/their body 
@ I use future fortune telling symbolism sometimes too, eg a crystal ball as an image to play with 
@ A4 This book has been really inspiring, easily adapted to nutrition work: http://t.co/6K9x0z4W #endED – 
@ For more art therapy ideas I post at http://t.co/RD4CO2Ka 

5. What is HAES?  

: HAES is a health based paradigm that starts with accepting and respecting the diversity of body shapes and sizes 
 It also promotes individually appropriate & enjoyable life enhancing physical activity  As opposed to exercise that is focused on a goal of weight loss 
: HAES is positive approach to taking care of ourselves. Does away w/ comparison & shame & truly supports well-being  
:  I feel like i say this everyday but: you can tell NOTHING about a person from how they look. why we NEED #HAES 
:  Many people start dieting because their natural body size and shape is not what society deems as beautiful. 

: Q5 Stands for Health At Every Size- check out their website http://t.co/hYkFWpnR #endED   
: What is #HAES#endED” nutrition + activity + self + fun + curiousity + discovery = healthy mind AND body lifelong #endED –  

5.2 What are common misperceptions about a HAES approach?

@MarciRD  People think it gives the green light to binge eat and not exercise. They forget the key word- HEALTH at every size

@ So many misconceptions! That it’s not health focused, & gives permission to be out of control 

@ We know Weight cycling often results in weight gain and increased eating disordered behaviors  
@ misconception about #HAES people are lazy, don’t want to take care of themselves, that they “could” be thinner, thinness=health

6. Why is it important to emphasize HAES as a society and as a therapist? 

@  If we want a healthy society, we need to stop all the nonsense about thinness and focus on health.#HAES guides to that 

@ We need to work on changing the paradigm of health = thinness. We have the power to affect our personal circles too!

@ We won’t really have a movement to embracing#HAES until we can deal with weight bias and stigma. 

@ A6 to prevent doing any harm. Help combat negative self-talk. create a reality of feeling good at any size

6.1 How can we stay HAES focused this summer? 

@ Try 2 avoid engaging in comparing bodies and using negative body talk
@ Pay attention to your cues of hunger appetite and satiety Move your body for pleasure and health not weight loss

@Tips for a #HAES focused summer — get outdoors and have fun! #ended  

@ Encourage clients, friends, family to embrace life/fun NOW…not in 10 lbs… 
 I have great resources and links on my website http://t.co/blb4ciag   
@ There are so many fun ways to be active in the summer- volleyball, kayaking, frisbee, walks, hikes. Have fun and get outside!
@ So Try starting from a place of love& self-acceptance it makes it easier 2 take better care of ourselves#ended 

Thank you for everyone that joined us! You can see more tweets if you search #endED   
 You can learn more about Dr. Deah by visiting her website or her Facebook page. Mark your calenders for our next chat; July 25th where we will be talking with  !