#endED Twitter Chat with Andrea Owen Re-Cap

On Wednesday I was joined by other positive body image activitists to talk with Andrea Owen of “Your Kick Ass Life” about practical solutions to staying sane and maintaing a positive body image in the summer months. I love this topic-in fact I already wrote a post about it-and couldn’t wait to hear others’ thoughts. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the chat! (If you are not familiar with Twitter, the @ followed by a name is our Twitter username.)

Q1 In what ways does a negative self-image keep a person from living a full life?
@ValerieKusler: Q1- negative self-image keeps u from believing u r worth working hard 2 achieve something meaningful for ur life.

Q2 As temperatures rise, body image issues tend to escalate. What are events and situations that tend to be most challenging?
@NeedStrength: I find beaches and bathing suits freeing. Theres less to hide behind and I can just be myself w/ no shame

Q3 Many people dread picking out a swimsuit. Any tips for swimsuit or summer clothes shopping?
@livienna I just bought a pair of jean shorts that I’m in love w. My method? Focus on how you FEEL, not size. &Bring some1 ED supportive
@eatingpermitRD: pick out a couple suits in multiple sizes…then, when the suit feels good and well fitting, check it out in the mirror. #ended

Q4 What are practical things people can do to have fun at BBQs, beach and pool parties despite feeling body conscious?
@jessicaclaytonm: Go to the event prepared with some mantras/positive affirmations in back of mind
@andrea_owen: Be grateful for all the things you love about summer, BBQs, etc. Make a list in your mind

Q5 Body and weight talk tends to come up in social situations. Any ideas on how to deal with uncomfortable body talk?
@ValerieKusler: Q5 Avoid skinny-bashing, & if friend is fat-talking dont turn it on yourself to try to make them feel better
@andrea_owen: Q5 Ive also said, “Well I for one think you are all AWESOME.” when I hear fat talk.
@eatingpermitrd my friends know I don’t do fat talk & will call them out (usually say we have much more important things to discuss as women)

Q6 What are signs/signals that a person’s body/food struggles require more support, like professional counseling?
@ValerieKusler: If negative/stressful thoughts a/b food & body occupy your mind a significant portion of the day, seek support!

The goal of #endED is to bring anyone and everyone together who care about ending eating disorders. My hope is to end the silence and myths about eating disorders, create a place for honest and informed discussion, while offering hope and encouragement. You can join the next #endED chat in September. Details to come, so stay tuned!

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