#endED Twitter Chat Re-Cap with Harriet Brown

Last week Harriet Brown was our guest expert for our monthly #endED Twitter Chat. She taught us a lot about family based treatment for anorexia and the important roles that families play in supporting their loved one through recovery from an eating disorder. (If you want to learn more about her story, this is a link to the New York Times article that started it all.)

Below are some of the gems from our chat that I wanted to pass along to you. In no particular order…

  • 1. We need more research to assess the experiences and needs of families struggling with an eating disorder. You can help by completing this 15 minute survey online.
2. One of the biggest issues facing family based treatment is that few clinicians are trained. This is an excellent resource page for clinicians interested in learning more. Additionally, information on FBT training from the Institute for Child & Adolescent Eating Disorders can be found here.

3. Feeling confused about family based treatment for eating disorders? This awesome interview debunks myths and sets the facts straight. One of the biggest myths is that you have to be a special type of family to make family based treatment work. But according to this research article, most families can make it work.

4. Another obstacle to making family based treatment work is getting the pediatricians on board. This is a useful guide for community physicians.

5. Want to know what you can do to help your child develop a healthy relationship with food and their body? Banish fat talk, stop commenting on weight and size (it is over-valued in our culture), do not label foods as good or bad and do not use it as reward or punishment, have fun and be curious about food, and appreciate imperfection- it’s a part of life!

6. Curious in learning more about family based treatment? Maudsley Parents is your go-to resource.

I hope this summary is useful. Feel free to pass it on and stay tuned for details on our next #endED Twitter Chat. 

About #endED
The goal of #endED is to bring anyone and everyone together who care about ending eating disorders. My hope is to end the silence and myths about eating disorders, create a place for honest and informed discussion, while offering hope and encouragement.