#endED Re-Cap with Marsha Hudnall

Last night Marsha Hudnall RD joined #EndED as our guest expert on Binge Eating Disorder.
There was a lot of great discussion that revolved around these questions:

*How is BED diagnosed?
*How is BED different than overeating?
*How does someone know if their binges need to be addressed?
*What are common myths about BED?
*What triggers binge eating?
*What are the obstacles to treating BED effectively?
*What can we do to support an ED dx for BED?
*What are some practical things someone with BED can do?
*What resources are available for treating BED?

Here are some of the key things I took away from the talk:
@MarshaHudnall A major trigger for BED is deprivation/restriction. Or in other words, dieting

@LeslieGoldman Binge eating is actually more common than anorexia and bulimia COMBINED

@MarshaHudnall When folks with BED focus on losing wt, it can pull them back to restrictive eating & cause more bingeing

@MarshaHudnall: Binge isn’t always large amt of food. Subjective binge is when someone eats a “forbidden” food …

@MarciRD Support both professionals and loved ones. Eating disorders thrive in secrecy. Support is an essential part of recovery.

@MarshaHudnall: It’s Important to work w RD skilled in treating disordered eating to not trigger deprivation

@ElizabethEats you can be any shape and have an eating disorder. Outside appearances are misleading

@MarshaHudnall: Most fat people do not have BED – estimated to be only about 4%

Want more information? Check out The Binge Eating Disorder Association. The goal of #endED is to bring anyone and everyone together who care about ending eating disorders. My hope is to end the silence and myths about eating disorders, create a place for honest and informed discussion, while offering hope and encouragement. Our next chat will be on June 29th with Nourish the Soul. Hope to see you soon!

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