#endED Chat Re-Cap with Rosie Molinary: Living with Intentional Wellness

Thank you to all that joined #EndED this Wednesday. We had a very inspiring, powerful conversation with writer Rosie Molinary, about kicking off our year in a way that deliberately embraces intentional wellness. If you missed the chat, you can catch some of the highlights below!

Q1. Are there rituals/exercises you start the year with in order to inspire you to joyfully, deliberately live well?

  • @rosiemolinary this year, I had a vision board party with friends and it was really fun & allowed us to learn about each other
  • RT @rosiemolinary: Here is a link to a post where I shared this years vision boards (1 personal &1 professional)http://t.co/7dllAGVy 
  • @krjourno I chose to not make resolutions this year (that I wont keep!!) and focus instead on taking action towards being better!
  • @marcird I did start a new ritual this year though. I tried to think of something I’m grateful for before dinner. Calming ritual

Q2. What is your vision for yourself this year?

  • @jessicaclaytonm Cultivating a healthy body and mind as well as self-compassion.
  • @marcird  Balance is always something I’m striving for too. It’s a constant moving target. 🙂
  • @rosiemolinary I wish to be wholehearted + deliberately healthy.
  • @MarciRD  My vision (& hope) is to keep an open mind- open to new possibilities, points of view, opportunities for growth, friendships, etc
  • @jekjessTo live in balance – eating, exercise, work, social… so far so good! #endED

Q3. What do you already want to celebrate about the way you are intentionally embracing wellness this year? 

  • @MarciRD I have always been fortunate to have in extremely strong and supportive network of positive people around me
  • @GirlEat I am blessed to have chosen a life partner that celebrates true beauty.
  • @jessicaclaytonm I am focusing on balancing my social life, academic life, and “me time”.
  • @jekjess Been really mindful of my physical and emotional needs. Mindfulness has been hard for me but I’ve really been succeeding recently. 
  • @MarciRD I make time for laughter. Laughing is one of my FAVORITE past times and makes me feel so so good. I try to do it daily. 🙂

Q4. Wellbeing encompasses physical, emotional, mental + spiritual health. How are you caring for yourself in these areas?

  • @jekjess Physical – balancing exercise and rest days, nutritious foods and less nutritious foods 
  • @MiltonStokes imagine picking up and then letting go of THE it standing in the way 
  • @jekjess emotional – Making sure that my relationships with others are healthy, making sure that I have time for self-care
  • @krjourno: One word – yoga!! 
  • @NeedStrength A4 mental: Going back to counseling Physical: T’ai Chi and Self Defense classes
  • @jekjess mental – working HARD in therapy! spiritual – exploring different approaches to my religion, and seeking guidance.

Q5. What ways do you still need support for your journey this year?

  • @jessicaclaytonm I need to kick the lingering parts of my ED to the curb. I already trust my treatment team, but I need to learn to trust my body.
  • @MiltonStokes  gotta remember to plan what I need
  • @NeedStrength After I graduate from college I will no longer have my counseling center and I will need support in the transition
  • @jekjess 5. I need emotional support, true friendships, and the occasional reality check when I get anxious! 

Q6. What wisdom can you share with all of us about embracing wellness and ending eatingdisorders? 

  • @MarciRD  Support, support, support, support, support.
  • @ElizabethEats  I’m all about eliminating guilt and sending your body lots of love on the path to wellness
  • @rosiemolinary I like to remind myself that choice- choosing behaviors to best respond to what my body needs and most responds to- is medicine. 
  • @MarciRD:  in order to recover and in order to find true wellness we have to ditch perfectionism.
  • @jekjess: Your mind and your body can be your greatest allies. Treat them well. Be grateful. And dont be afraid to ask for help. 
  • @GirlEat: Ive learned that when I love my body (trust, love, nutrition), it loves me back (health, happiness, strength).
  • @NeedStrength Being kind to yourself and consciously caring for your mind and body go a long way
  • RT @jessicaclaytonm: Listen to your heart and your support system, not the media.

Save the date for February 22nd! We’ll be celebrating Eating Disorder Awareness Week with National Eating Disorder Association @NEDAStaff 


  1. Hi, I ran into the #endED chat by chance and it was fantastic! I must say I had no idea that the questions were posted before the chat and was struck dumb by the amazing wisdom and thoughtfulness that all the participants came up with in seconds after

    the question was asked!! I’m glad I found out the questions were posted before, not feeling quite so inadequate. Can’t wait for the next one! Thank you. Kate

  2. I’m so glad you found us Kate!!! You made a FABULOUS addition. So glad you’ll be joining us again.

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