Eating with Satisfaction

Satisfaction: Fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this.

Synonyms: gratification – contentment – content– pleasure

Eating food that is truly satisfying is one of the MOST important aspects of feeding yourself. Now those words may be considered heresy in a day and age that promotes rigid, controlled eating. In fact, I just read a greeting card the other day that said something to the effect that getting healthy is the equivalent of eating food you don’t like. This card made me both angry and sad. Just think of the French! Now these are people who know how to eat with satisfaction.
Eating food that is satisfying can support mindful eating.
When you are fully tuned in to the experience of eating in a way that brings genuine satisfaction it feels both nourishing and energizing. And don’t forget that it’s one of the pillars of Intuitive Eating.
And as I explain to my clients when you eat a meal that is sufficiently filling and satisfying, some amazing things happen:
•Obsessive food thoughts decrease
•Urges to over or compulsively eat lessen
•Self-esteem improves as you gain confidence in feeding yourself
•Physical health improves
•Energy increases
Often, people confuse eating with satisfaction and eating with abandon! Take a look at those synonyms again: gratification, contentment, pleasure.

Now imagine the following scenarios when sitting down to eat.

Scenario 1: It’s lunch time and you are craving a cheeseburger. You immediately tell yourself that it’s fattening and bad and ignore the craving and order a chicken salad (dressing on the side) instead. In the moment you feel virtuous…but then an hour or so later you feel hungry and you’re still thinking about that burger. You’re bothered by hunger and food thoughts the rest of the afternoon, thanks to your unsatisfying meal.
Scenario 2: It’s lunch time and you are craving a cheeseburger. You tell yourself that it’s fattening and bad but somehow find yourself in the drive through ordering a supersize meal of a cheeseburger, fries, and soda. Before you know it, you eat it up quickly telling yourself you’ll be better tomorrow. You’re left feeling guilty, overfull, and uncomfortable.
Scenario 3: It’s lunch time and you are craving a cheeseburger. You tell yourself that it’s fattening and bad but then you suddenly remember that all foods are legal! You can eat whatever you want when you feel hungry. So you check in with your hunger levels and assess that the cheeseburger down the street is exactly what you’re craving and matches your hunger level just right. You eat it with full permission, without the shame and guilt and return to work feeling great both physically and emotionally.
I often share the following scales with my clients:

The goal with happy, satisfied eating is to find the right balance between fullness and satisfaction. Surely you’ve experienced getting full but not satisfied. And you’ve likely experienced eating something that is truly satisfying but not filling. The sweet spot is a balance between the two.
And for those of you doubters out there, scenario 3 is not impossible. The wonderful thing about TRULY listening to your hunger and cravings, is that you’ll learn to feed your body just what it needs when it needs it. You’ll come to realize that your body doesn’t want M&Ms 24/7. Don’t trust me? Give it a try and let me know your results.
What are your thoughts about eating with true satisfaction? Impossible? Frightening? Exciting? Share!
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How to start eating with satisfaction. Stabilize your relationship with food.