Eating Disorder Recovery Support & Transition Services

One of the most difficult parts of eating disorder recovery is transitioning from lots of support to less. I work outpatient and often feel like a once a week session for my clients just isn’t enough! And this is why I think Adrienne’s business model and services are pretty brilliant. She’s incredibly experienced in working with eating disorders but her passion is helping YOU with all of the incredibly practical parts of your recovery work. She is all about ACTION- grocery shopping, meal planning, cleaning out your closet, closet shopping, etc. I am so thrilled to highlight Adrienne and her work on my blog today. Check this girl out!

About Adrienne

The field of eating disorders has always been a passion of mine. In high school I was an athlete and worked with athletes to obtain optimal health and performance. Through this work I saw many injuries and a lack of body awareness. In college I was active in our health and wellness facilities and observed college students and their exercise habits, health routines, and overall wellness. After college I began working in the field of eating disorders and have been working in the field for over 6 years.

I have greatly enjoyed my experiences working in the field and the work I have been able to do with clients. It is through this work that I have been inspired to begin providing my own services for clients. The theme that I always seemed to hear from clients was that when they transitioned home from their treatment program there was a lack of support and structure in place that allowed them to maintain their recovery. It seemed that there was something missing, a transitional service that allows clients to transition into their home environment, while also having support and accountability. So here I am, providing this much-needed service to help you or your loved one successfully transition to their “normal life” with less risk of relapse. I am passionate about my work and enjoy engaging with clients in their environments.

What is your approach to working with clients?

My approach is to meet clients where they are in their recovery while also supporting clients in strengthening the tools they already have within themselves to achieve their goals. Everyone has the strength that they need to recover; sometimes we all just need extra support in finding that strength. I work with clients to challenge their fears and to move past whatever is holding them back from living the life that they want to live. I use humor, experience, and collaboration to create a supportive environment. I believe clients can live a fully recovered life and I am excited to be working with clients in this capacity.

What services do you offer for clients?

I work with the client and their treatment team to determine what the clients needs are and how I can best support them. Services include:

  • Meal Support: I offer meal support in a variety of ways.- eating challenging meals or snacks together,  restaurant outings, dining hall support, or cooking meals together in their home.
  • Grocery Shopping: We grocery shop in their environment, create shopping lists, and meal plan for the week to ensure the clients needs are met. I also offer assistance in budget planning and help clients to work within their means to provide themselves with what they need.
  • Transition Support: Transitions after discharging from a treatment program or moving to a new area can be challenging. I like to be creative with clients in creating a space that is conducive for their recovery. Sometimes this means painting, ridding themselves of items that are triggering, or generally creating a new space that allows clients to feel safe and comfortable.
  • Clothing Shopping: Clothing shopping can be stressful for anyone, particularly clients struggling with negative body image and in recovery from their eating disorders. Clients typically have a variety of clothing that no longer serve them, so it is also a goal to rid the closet of the “sick” clothes and create new space for clothing that makes the client feel less triggered and generally good in their own skin.

How to reach Adrienne:

I am available via phone or email to clients and providers. I offer clients an initial consultation call or meeting free of charge to determine whether or not the services are a match. I also speak with clients in that initial meeting about what their goals and needs are and how I could best support them in their recovery.

Adrienne Kerrigan