Ready for an Eating Disorder Conference that is Very Different?

It’s spring here in the USA, which means conference season is in full force!!

As someone who is borderline obsessed with ongoing learning and professional development, this is both exciting and overwhelming. There are so many compelling learning opportunities, yet we all have to operate within the limits of time and money. (I am still awaiting my personal benefactor.)

So what’s different about THIS particular conference?

Let me step you back in time to last October, 2022 when I got an email that stopped me in my tracks.

I was very pregnant, just days away from giving birth and trying to get all of the emails out of my inbox (futile, I know). An email showed up from  The FEDUP Collective  with the subject line “FEDUP Conference – A Request for Feedback.”

Since I was already a *very big fan* of The FEDUP Collective, I opened the email immediately. Attached to the email was an outstanding pdf outlining their plans for an eating disorders conference but in a format I had never seen before.

Immediately I was like, WHERE DO I SIGN UP??!

FEDUP Conference May 2023

FEDUP has partnered with Body Reborn to “present the first non-hierarchical, discussion-driven conference that centers experiences of marginalized people in eating disorder care.”

You can get all the details on the event on the FEDUP website here and what makes this conference different here.

This is a conference where folks are gathered together to talk about:

  • What is working well in eating disorders care?
  • What needs to be improved?
  • How do we make these improvements?

And to center these conversations around folks with historically underrepresented identities, while shifting the power balance from a single “expert” to the wisdom of the collective.

I. Am. Pumped.

I want to see our field continue to learn, repair, grow, and evolve because that is what life is all about!! That is why I am both sponsoring and attending this conference. I believe that the changes that this field needs will come from the wisdom of those who have historically been left out.

You can be a part of making that change happen. So please head on over to the FEDUP Conference website to register.

And here’s some extra good news – you can use the code: MARCIRD to take 30% off your registration. BUT – if you can afford the full fee – please consider paying it.

But do not delay – registration closes in 4 days and I want to see you there!