Clinicians, Conferences and Expanding Your Skills

I find that October is a month where I look forward to attending conferences and events like the TEDD-WIND Inclusivity Conference.

I do this in order to expand and elevate my skills so that my clients and students in my programs can grow as well.

This year is a little different as I am away on maternity leave when you read this!

Today, the news I want to share is a reminder of my annual sale on my training programs, which ends on Monday at midnight (October 31st).

Eating disorders and body image work is incredibly fulfilling in many ways, yet it is not what many of us receive in our education programs and training and why we feel unprepared.

It is one of the main reasons I created my first nutrition counseling for eating disorders training back in 2014, which led to two more courses; Body Image Training: The Missing Piece of Whole Body Healing co-led with Fiona Sutherland, and Digestive Disorders and Eating Disorders: A Complicated Mix, co-led with Lauren Dear.

I got to spend more time with Fiona this summer when she came to the US so we could deliver a special Body Image workshop and update and upgrade the Body Image Training to the new 2.0 version of the course.

Marci Evans and Fiona Sutherland

It was inspiring to spend more time with her, and you may have noticed that Fiona and I take developing and delivering our trainings and courses pretty seriously (alongside a dose of humor and fun!). We believe that you, and we all, deserve high-quality training on topics that really make a difference, not only to our clients and communities, but to us too.

We know firsthand how it is to feel ill-equipped, lost or unclear about the work we are doing, particularly on the topic of body image and eating disorders. We all want to feel like our work makes a difference and that the investments we make in our own learning is not only worthwhile but also incredibly rewarding and inspiring.

She and I are fortunate enough to have heard from people who’ve taken the course, along with others who have taken the other programs offered at the Food and Body Image Healers® Training Institute.

Participants have generously offered their thoughts and reflections, which we hope might be helpful if you’re wondering whether this is the right time to invest in any of these courses for your own development,

online clinician training program testimonials

online clinician training program testimonials

I truly am grateful to every single person for their feedback. I read every email and review that is sent. Feedback helps us grow and reminds us about the importance of the work we are all doing in the world.

If you want more details on the courses, please head over to my training platform and remember to use your coupon code: FALL22 to save 20% off any program or bundle before the sale ends on Monday at midnight.