Client Spotlight: Finding Peace with Food

I find immense joy in sharing my client’s successes (click on the Tag “Client Spotlights” for more inspiring stories).  Here’s another spotlight that gives me goosebumps.  Check out J’s story of learning to surrender control and find peace with food.

Recently, I’ve caught myself at random times having an unfamiliar feeling: I’m no longer controlled by food; I enjoy it and the nourishment it provides.

When I went to see Marci a few months ago, I could only say these words in the abstract and imagine what it would feel like to really mean them. At the time, I had a whole repertoire of strategies to prevent myself from gaining weight, among them eating Slim Fast bars with a few real foods thrown in around them. I was afraid to eat anything else, but would catch myself binging once my hunger reached an uncontrollable level. This was my secret burden; I carried it everywhere like an old jacket that no longer fits. It was having an enormous impact on my daily life, energy level, and well being (besides not being effective in weight loss), and by the time I saw Marci I was really ready for change: The jacket had to come off.

The first thing I had to do, and the most difficult step of all, was to surrender my logic and trust in a new way of thinking about food. Eating three times a day seemed impossible, and I was afraid of gaining more weight. Nevertheless, I stuck with the program and eventually became comfortable with it. Then, I noticed little changes: I wasn’t thinking about food all day long. I had the energy to go to the gym, work better, and socialize more. Even if I couldn’t trust myself with food at that moment, I could trust Marci, and this got me through.

Weeks later, I did lose a few pounds. But this seemed minimal compared to the freedom I felt for the very first time in my life. It was like a new beginning. Grocery shopping was enjoyable, and the world of food looked more manageable. Although I still struggle with emotional eating, I have come farther than I ever thought was possible — and know that, with help, others can do the same.

Finding a healthy relationship with food is a journey.  And finding supports along the way is crucial.  If you find that you are struggling more than you’d like with food- considering enlisting support from family, friends, or a professional you feel you can trust.  I’m happy to provide you with a list of referral sources for therapy or talk to you about nutrition therapy if you feel it may be helpful to you or someone you love.

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