Client Spotlight: Physical Activity

I’m often inspired and amazed at the changes my clients make to improve the quality of their lives. Sometimes these changes are quite major, but most of the time they are small yet significant steps to better health.  So I thought it would be fun to anonymously spotlight my clients once a month.  I’ll focus on actual behavior changes these people are incorporating into their daily routine.  And regardless of your stage in life and current habits, they just may inspire you to keep making healthy choices, one small step at a time.

We’ll start with a client I’ll call Lucy.  Lucy has battled emotional and binge eating for decades.  But it wasn’t until a recent series of health crises that she realized that her food addiction had seriously implications for her health.  Years of overeating and an extremely sedentary lifestyle was taking a toll on her body.  While Lucy has made some significant changes over the past month, one of the most impressive is her commitment to daily physical exercise. Despite the extra 150 lbs she is carrying on her frame, she now gets out of her house and takes a walk every single day.

The benefits of daily physical exercise is astounding: it helps regulate sleep, improves mood, prevents the development of chronic disease and excessive weight gain, improves brain function, preserves body function, improves the ability to perform simple tasks of daily living, enhances metabolic function, and even reduces symptoms of chronic disease (i.e. helps regulate blood sugar control for people with diabetes).

So if you aren’t all that active now, how can you follow Lucy’s lead and start incorporating a little more movement today?