Calorie-Free Chocolate?

So I am a chocolate LOVER. And I was intrigued by an article introducing a new product- Le Whif.  It’s an inhalable, calorie-free chocolate.  It was developed by a Harvard professor (the same guy who brought you breathable insulin).  Here’s a short article and interview with the product developer.

Le Whif is already being sold in France and Japan.  But what do you think?  If it was available in the US, would you buy it?  Do you think it would help tame your chocolate cravings?  Does it have the potential to heighten cravings?  What about causing chocolate binges when the calorie-free version isn’t quite satisfying your sweet tooth (I’m thinking back to the Snackwell’s binges from a decade ago).

I have to admit, I’m a total skeptic.  I can’t imagine taking a puff of chocolate tasting air would fix my need for chocolate.  I get total satisfaction from taking a bite out of some high quality chocolate (no Hershey’s for me!) and savoring it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. I’d be skeptical to buy it… many vitamins can be found now being marketed as a dark chocolate variety (and there are actually some that taste just like the real thing!)… it seems like if you’re trying to limit your chocolate intake, but still need a small daily fix, chocolate vitamin supplements would be a much more satisfying way to go.

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