Breaking News: Man Eats When Damn Well Pleases

A friend and colleague of mine forward me this video clip from The Onion, which is perhaps my favorite place for news. (For those of you who don’t know The Onion writes parodies of news stories and is often quite hysterical.)

Alert: if you are bothered or offended by profanity, please don’t watch this. For those of you who aren’t…now I really have your attention! So take a moment and watch this clip before reading on.

Man Says ‘Fuck It,’ Eats Lunch At 10:58 A.M.

This video really captures the ridiculousness of the arbitrary food rules that are ingrained into our cultural consciousness. Here are a couple of examples:
*No eating past 7 pm
*Don’t eat lunch until noon
*Sandwiches are lunch foods not breakfast foods
So what arbitrary food rules are you carrying around with you? Are you even aware of what food rules govern your eating? Are they actually helpful to you? What would happen if you challenged them?
The next time your stomach is growling and you think you have to wait until noon to eat lunch… consider following this guys’ lead and buck the status quo. Go get your lunch…even if it’s 10:58.
What food rules do you want to challenge this week?


  1. This is excellent- love it! Food rules really are ridiculous!

    I’d like your opinion on something. At an IOP program I did once, we weren’t allowed to bring “breakfast food” for dinner. I know that certain food rules in treatment are important to counter ED rules, like no excessive mixing/cutting or odd use of condiments, but the “no breakfast for dinner” policy seems awfully arbitrary.

  2. No breakfast for dinner? I hate that rule. I don’t know why a program would enforce it. French toast, omelettes, OJ!!! Who can’t get into that?

  3. This is a riot Marci! And, the humor brings light to the serious stupidity of food rules and how ridiculous it is to follow something so external. Like, duh, I’m hungry so I eat 🙂

    Outstanding. My favorite is the reporter in her serious tone cursing.

  4. Great post Marci! As a grad student, who occasionally burns the midnight oil, I would sometimes catch myself hungry at 3:00 or 4:00am forgetting to eat because there was no traditional meal associated with that time in my mind. This is a great reminder to break away from prescriptive patterns and listen to myself more. Thanks!

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