Brain Food

Let’s face it, we live in a food and body obsessed culture. We are constantly confronted with negative messages of how to eat less and deprive ourselves as much as possible.  What’s the consequence of this kind of discouraging messaging?  A LOT of unhealthy and unhappy people.  Perhaps it may be helpful to remember that food is the very thing that makes us tick!  It’s purpose is to fuel, energize, and heal you…not torture you! Eating well is a matter of self-care.

I recently learned about this great resource on the website of The Franklin Institute.  Essentially it’s a learning module that explains (in really plain language) all of the components that strengthen our brain health.  And I promise, there are numerous benefits of a well-nourished brain: decreased anxiety and depression, clearer thought patterns, and an enhanced ability to withstand stress (to name a few).

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Marci Anderson, MS, RD
Nutrition Therapy in Cambridge