Body Imagine, Self-Talk, & Neuroscience

I found this 7 1/2 minute story from NPR fascinating! If you have body image issues and/or an eating disorder, take 10 minutes to read this post and list to this podcast. 

The thing I find so fascinating about this story is that introduces neuroscience research that explains why the way we speak to ourselves really matters. Coaching yourself in a positive way “Marci, you’re having a hard day and feeling triggered, what you see in the mirror isn’t a reflection of reality” isn’t just a nice idea. It actually internally remodels your brain and THAT’S why it’s an essential part of developing a healthier body image.

I also loved the very concrete tip of speaking to yourself in the 2nd person. Turns out when we speak to ourselves with our name it actually changes the way we feel so we become more rational, objective, and kinder. 

So give yourself a body image commitment for a week. When you start to notice that you’re tearing yourself apart in the front of the mirror, find your inner coach, speak to yourself in the 2nd person, and let’s find out what happens.