Balanced Living in Today’s Culture

On Wednesday, April 13th I’ll be speaking at Harvard on the topic of “Balanced Living in Today’s Culture” with two esteemed colleagues, Deb Schachter LICSW and Sheila Reindl EdD. The event is open to the public. I hope you can join us! Please see the Harvard Alumni events website for more details!

We’ll be discussing how to navigate nutrition, emotional health, and body image issues in a culture that values extremes. Here is an introduction to what we plan to talk about:

Despite our best intentions to live a life that leaves us with a sense of wholeness, agency, and vibrancy, many of us, at one time or another, can find ourselves behaving in ways that leave us bewildered by and frustrated with ourselves. We know that we’re out of balance, but knowing that is one thing, and actually living a balanced life is quite another.

William G. Perry, Jr., founding director of the Bureau of Study Counsel of Harvard University, used to say something to the effect that, “When you’ve got smart people who know perfectly well what to do and they aren’t doing it, you know you are in the presence of forces more powerful than intelligence or knowledge. And it’s time to get curious about those.”

This program will engage our curiosity about those powerful forces through presentation and discussion. We will consider what it means to make room for balance in the realms of nutrition, body image, and self acceptance in a world that seems to value


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