trust that nutrition is all about the big picture, not the minutiae of each meal

An update from Marci

I’m happy to be sending you a quick hello from my maternity leave.

I’ve been reflecting on some of the principles I’ve taught my clients over the years and how they have been immensely helpful to me as I’ve transitioned into this new and very busy role as a parent. And what I love about these principles is that they might sound counter intuitive to the messages you have heard about what “healthy eating” looks like. Sometimes doing things differently IS the way to go!

Principle 1: Eat fast and chow down when you need to.

There are times in life (and having a new baby is definitely one of them) when there’s a choice between not getting enough to eat and practically inhaling your food.

You may think that eating quickly isn’t “mindful” or the “right” way to eat. But the truth is that getting enough to eat to fuel your busy day is far more important than being zen about it.

So, if your life feels hectic, don’t berate yourself. Prioritize speed to get your needs met. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a slower, more mindful meal. The truth is, it’s just not all that realistic for many of us most of the time and that’s nothing to feel badly about.

trust that nutrition is all about the big picture, not the minutiae of each mealPrinciple 2: Your plate doesn’t have to be perfectly nutritionally balanced.

Just yesterday I had a baby on my hip, dirty bottles in the sink, an appointment I needed to get to, and a growling stomach.

I quickly (see principle #1) put shredded chicken onto a couple of tortillas, wrapped them up, and ate them with one hand while standing. It was tasty enough and filling enough for me to get through my afternoon.

Would I have preferred some yummy toppings, a nice side salad, and a glass of juice to go with it? Sure! But it wasn’t the day for such a lovely meal, but I was able to eat the leftovers in my fridge to fill my belly.

When you have the skill of flexible eating, you can enjoy your meals even more without stressing over nutrient perfection. You can trust that nutrition is all about the big picture, not the minutiae of each meal.

I hope this message finds you well and that these two principles help you to cultivate a flexible and less stressful relationship to eating.

As my days are more hectic, I’m certainly grateful for a less perfectionistic view of nutrition. In fact, I think that kind of attitude is better for my health!

I’m wishing each of you a happy spring!

Training Programs Update

For those interested in taking your skills to a new level, and with training that qualifies you for CEU credits, be sure to check out my online programs for Dietitians and Clinicians.

Part of your registration in any of these programs, is access to my private, students only Facebook Community of Food and Body Image Healers™. Not only is this a great place to connect with other clinicians for networking and peer support, but I offer regular LIVE Sessions via Facebook Video in the group.

During my Maternity Leave, we have had several guests leading these on my behalf, and I cannot thank them enough for their support.

  • Fiona Sutherland
  • Katherine Zavodni
  • Anna Peabody Sweeney
  • Anna Metz Lutz
  • Heidi Schauster

It is always fabulous to get different perspectives on the topics of nutrition, body image and healing, and more!

Connecting to the Wisdom of the Body

Did you know that by listening, responding to, and learning to trust the communication from our body, we begin to heal our relationship to it?

While this may sound dramatic, this healing will help you to develop a better relationship to food and a better body image.

To help you practice the listening to your own body, you can download this special mediation I created to help you connect to the wisdom of your own body. Click here to download your copy.