A Call To Arms…Abs, Quads, Calves, Shoulders

Each month I try to post a blurb on exercise.  And this article (forwarded to me from a client, you know who you are and thank you) probably takes the cake.  Getting physical activity is about so much more than shaping and toning our tooshies.  And our culture’s weight and body obsession has darn near ruined physical activity for many of us.  No, we won’t ever look like the ladies on the cover of Shape Magazine (those air brushed fakes!) so let’s stop trying.

And let’s try to have a little fun with our exercise…you don’t want to look like this lady to the left do you?

If reading this article doesn’t inspire you to ditch Cosmo and embrace strength, I don’t know what will.  Warning: this article does contain expletives. 


  1. Great article. I think that a lot of people make exercise miserable for themselves. And I do it too every now and again. “Hungry? Eat seven almonds.” hilarious.

  2. Yes, the 7 almonds advice killed me. But that is just the kind of advice you get in every Shape, Allure, and Glamour mag!

  3. No problem, glad you liked the article. As you can see, I get a little fired up as well. 🙂 It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with all of the icky messages we get in the media. We deserve to feel good!

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