A New Holiday Challenge

Every holiday season we are bombarded with two contradictory messages: celebrate, socialize, eat, and enjoy…..but DON’T GET FAT!  What if we decided to take on a new challenge this holiday season?  Rather than obsessing about eating or not eating, let’s focus on how we can make sure we spend a little time each day taking good care of ourselves.

The World Health Organization defines health as a state of complete physical, social, and mental well-being- not simply an absence of disease.  So let’s get creative and think about small ways you can take good care of yourself each day during the stressful season of the holidays.

Post your ideas or send me an email.  I’ll post a complete list in two weeks!


  1. Marci, I love this post. I have been talking about the same thing since right before Halloween. Instead of starting January 1st with New Year’s Resolutions, why not start now and arrive at your goal in January? I think it’s so important to make a plan for the holidays, especially making a list of your “must-have” foods so that you don’t try to completely deprive yourself (and end up overeating because of it). If you want to check out my post about it, you can find it here: http://inspiredrd.com/2010/10/and-holidays-begin.html . Oh, and welcome to Twitter!

  2. Thanks for your thoughts and welcome to Twitter! You’ve got some great tips on your blog. Even thought it’s the beginning of November, seems that we have to start thinking about the holidays now…They are a comin’. 🙂

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