Beyond Food Restriction 3 d cover 23 essential tools for clincians-SM

Beyond Food Restriction: 23 Essential Tools for Clinicians Treating Digestive and Eating Disorders

Are you on a mission to help individuals build healthier relationships with food and their body image?

This collection of tools offers you many ideas on how to go beyond food restriction when working with clients who have digestive & eating disorders.

It includes:

  • The 4 most common pathways to poor digestive symptoms.
  • The 5 digestive support tools: Food and Nutrition; ED Symptoms, Mind/Body, Medical, and Digestive Aids
  • 23 specific strategies to explore
  • A client-ready handout to put these tools to use

This guide offers a multitude of ways to help your clients beyond restricting their food, which can be a challenge when they also have digestive disorders.

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