Marci RD Nutrition: Food & Body Image Healers® helps clinicians and clients alike develop smart, enduring strategies for overcoming eating disorders, disordered eating, and the backlash of chronic dieting.

Nutrition Counseling Clinician Training

We believe that people inherently possess the wisdom and strength to make changes in their lives. We are deeply committed to helping clinicians and clients work together to tap into that inner wisdom and strength. The end result? Food and body image healing that opens up possibilities to a life full of meaning and purpose.

  • We blend expertise in nutrition and psychology to fuel lasting transformation.
  • As educators and practitioners, our work with individual clients informs and enhances our dietitian training programs, and vice versa.
  • We take a deeply personal approach, developing strong relationships with the clinicians we teach and the clients we counsel.
  • We are experienced…since 2009, we have trained thousands of dietitians and counseled over 500 clients.

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