WTF?! The OMG Diet

  • posted by Marci Evans
  • Monday, July 16, 2012

 By Elizabeth Jarrard RD LDN

 Every time I open up my computer, walk into a bookstore or turn on the TV there is a new diet book/philosophy that is screaming at me “Click/Open/Read here how to Lose 10 pounds in one week!” They all make my blood boil and make me want to let out a little scream of frustration, since most are not written by medical professionals, most are not based on peer-reviewed science, and most are just a quick-fix/total gimmick. My latest frustration has been with the self--published diet book under the pseudonym Venice A. Fulton “6 Weeks To OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends” and I want to tell you why:

 Not only is the author (whose  real name is Paul Khanna) afraid to write the book using his real name, but he’s a personal trainer. Not a doctor, not a dietitian, an exercise specialist.  

  1. The main principles make my skin crawl

OMG Diet: Always Skip Breakfast

Reality Check: Breakfast has been proven as a way to kick-start your metabolism and those that eat breakfast are shown to maintain a healthy weight[i] [ii] [iii], have reduced cravings and more energy throughout the day.

OMG DIET: NO Snacking "There's no such thing as a healthy snack," says Fulton. 

Reality Check:  When we eat ever 4 hours we keep our metabolism running smoothly, avoid ever getting ravenous, which makes it easier to eat appropriate meals and never feel like we need to devour everything in the house.

OMG DIET: Take a cold bath daily to “burn stored fat”

Reality Check: Taking a cold bath will not speed up your metabolism. It may cause you to burn 5 more calories a day, but in my book that’s certainly not  worth sitting in an ice bath for 30 minutes for.

Plus the highly restrictive diet mentality targeted towards young girls just screams “eating disorder trigger” The OMG diet is something to be avoided at all costs!

What other diet myths do you want us to dispel? Send us your thoughts!

[iii] Ashwell M. An examination of the relationship between breakfast, weight and shape. British Journal of Nursing. 2010;19:1155.

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