• Healing the Hate: A Better Body Image in the New Year

    I originally wrote this video blog for Recovery Warriors which is a phenomenal community and resource for anyone looking for additional support in their eating disorder recovery. But you don’t have to have an eating disorder to have crappy body image. So if you’d like to feel better about your body, this one’s for you. […]

  • Resolutions: Making change a reality

    I’m in the business of helping people make positive change in their lives. And I know how hard change can be.  So it wasn’t surprising to hear my friend say “I refuse to make resolutions. Every year I make them and forget all about my good intentions until December.” Sound familiar? Making resolutions is a popular […]

  • Healthy Selfishness

              Photo Credit: I discovered this photo from my friend and colleague Leslie Schilling’s facebook post. Check out her blog– you’ll love her sensible and sassy nutrition expertise.   This time of year is all about giving. So I thought I’d be a little subversive and talk about taking. This post […]

  • Holiday Bill of Rights

    There seems to be a pretty consistent theme that I’m discussing with all of my clients…the holidays.  There are so many wonderful things about the holiday season.  But let’s be honest, it’s also a stressful time of year. And if you’re struggling with food and feelings about your weight, it can all feel a bit […]

  • Tips for Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is a wonderful yet stressful holiday for a lot of people. The entire day is centered around food. And if food is a source of stress and anxiety for you, that’s a lot of pressure! I won’t be providing you with a list of food do’s and don’ts at your Thanksgiving meal. So if […]

  • Self-Care or Self-Destruction Post-Election 2016

    Regardless of whether you supported Donald Trump or not, this election has likely deeply affected you. In this video blog I share my thoughts about picking up the self-care pieces post-election 2016. Self-care is at the center of your ability to be present and effective as the kind of change agent YOU want to be. […]

  • #TBT: Serving Size vs Portion Size

              The Concept of “Throwback Thursday” (TBT) is all over social media these days. This past week I have been talking quite a bit with clients about a topic I actually blogged about over two years ago. So here’s to throwing back to an old but still pertinent topic- the different […]

  • Calories, Calories

    How often have you heard someone say “Oh, that’s only 250 calories, it’s not so bad.” I’ve heard it A LOT and it really gets on my nerves. What if a calorie total wasn’t good or bad? What if we could strip all the morality out of how many calories we consume? Unfortunately, calorie talk […]

  • Body Positive & Weight Loss

      Body Positive. It seems to be a term that’s getting a little more press these days. As a self-described “body positive dietitian” you’d think I’d be thrilled! Truthfully, I’m conflicted. I’m conflicted because “body positive” began as a term used to promote body inclusivity, meaning all bodies (fat, thin, short, tall, able-bodied or not) […]

  • Dare to be Different

    Trying to lose weight (or at least talking about trying to lose weight) is a popular thing to do. It’s culturally acceptable and even socially obligatory to be dissatisfied with the size and shape or your body.  One client recently said to me “I feel like a freak because I’m the only grad student NOT […]